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Since 1980, Grandmaster Sung Lee and his dedicated instructors have been training children, teens, and adults in the Korean martial art of Taekwondo (meaning 'the art of the hand and the foot').  Students not only learn the physical aspects of Taekwondo, like punching & kicking, but are taught the importance of many character-building aspects of Taekwondo—like self confidence, respect for others, leadership skills and self-discipline.

At Sung Lee Taekwondo Academy our students become like family members and many lifelong friendships have been forged among the trainees. Our school motto is "The family that kicks together, sticks together".  Students have a safe, family-oriented environment to learn and practice their skills. Students are given the opportunity to join our Leadership Program, where they can learn Taekwondo plus added skills in nunchakus & foam sword sparring.  Black belts continue their martial arts journey and learn new skills in Gumdo (Korean Sword) training. Learning is a continuous journey at Sung Lee Taekwondo Academy. 

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