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Classes are by belt level so it is perfect opportunity for parent and children to participate together at the same time. Students move up to the next belt level rank by participating in promotion testing. All belt levels are encouraged to participate in tournaments, which are held three times per year.

Benefits of Taekwondo for 6-12 year olds

Beginner levels - White belts and 1 orange stripe are the first two belt ranks that are included in this beginner program. Students will learn Taekwondo basics, patterns, non-contact sparring techniques, basic self defense moves, and breaking techniques.
Advance levels - Colored belts advance to class times outside the beginner level. Students learn a pattern (poomse) per rank, 3-Step and 1- Step Sparring techniques, Light Contact Sparring and Breaking Techniques.
Black Belt Levels - Black belts are the heart of the school. They are expected to be leaders and examples to the other students. They participate in black belt classes, referee training, tournaments, and leadership opportunities. Black belts can advance in instructor programs if they desire to further their training to become a Certified Instructor. We also offer training in the following Korean martial arts for advanced black belts: Gumdo, Hapkido, and Jang Bong(long staff).



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